Kate Metzner

Keith & Acklen, above all things, is a love letter...to food, to our community that sustains us, and most of all, to each other. A way to extend creativity through the food we eat, the places we travel, the people we meet, and most importantly the connections we make. 

What we do


The true passion lies behind the lens and the ability to capture these meaningful memories. Whether it is around the table, at a celebration with family and friends, or a quiet moment at home, I am thankful to be able to help extend these moments for people through photography. 


The one thing I love more than photography (aside from food) is creating the perfect picture. Sourcing local materials and styling a picture is the ultimate pleasure. The bees' knees. Creating an atmosphere for each photo can bring a simple idea/product to life. 


Kate will be in the UK this summer and would love to work with you! Kindly shoot us an email for further inquiries.