A little road-side cafe you'll be happy you pulled over for...

I am fortunate enough that my work brought me to the English countryside for the summer and due to the foreign landscape and the unfamiliarity of all the little villages that make up the Cotswolds, I have made it my priority to explore, explore, explore! 

Winding down a country road between towns, I came upon a little roadside cafe called JollyNice (if I had blinked I would have missed it!). Intrigued by the trendy branding and "farm-to-table" appeal, I pulled in. Let me tell you this was a great decision. 

Wooden crates filled with fruits and veggies lined the middle of the open-air concept market. Surrounding the produce you have a butcher, a coffee shop, ice creamery and a kitchen. Most of the meats and produce are from the company's nearby farm, and products sold within the marketplace are sourced locally. It is very evident that JollyNice does its part by keeping its eco footprint short and sweet. 

And to the food - the was a simple decision for me, for as a vegetarian with a meat-eaters enthusiasm, if there ever is a burger on the menu, that is what I'm ordering. Adorned with the customary tomato, lettuce and (pickled) onion, I devoured the most delicious veggie burger, to the point where I needed to go back and personally send kudos to the chef! (side note** they sell pre-made burgers in the freezer section!). 

Long-story short, this place is kick ass! Simple. Yummy. Local and fresh. The coffee delicious, the flapjacks will guarantee a return visit. It was raining (shocking) so I did not get the to sample the ice cream. Pleased that I now have an excuse to go back (not that one is really needed anyways...)