A Wanted Man is a MUST if you are in Chelsea

I popped into London for a day this past weekend for some meetings and pleasantly discovered a little gem of a coffee shop.

One of my meetings was scheduled at a cafe called A Wanted Man, and after spending a couple of hours drinking their kick-ass coffee and having one of the best scrambled eggs on toast, I was back again in a mere 18 hours later for round two. And this time, I brought my camera. 

The space is cozy, with colorful aztec booths and leather stools, and window seats overlooking trendy Kings Rd (great for people watching!). Upstairs there is a full operational waxing salon, which is kinda cool. A coffee and a wax? To be honest I hadn't thought of these two going together, but digging the idea of it now. Walk in tired and hungry, walk out with killer eyebrows and a pastry - sounds good! 

Vicent (also a fellow Canadian) is the mastermind behind the counter. When I saw another customers' plate, I pointed, smiled, and asked for the same thing (but without the chorizo). I just asked "make me something good with lots of veggies!". 

Toast loaded with the fluffiest scrambled eggs, chives, goats cheese, fresh rocket and avocado hovered in front of me. Accompanied with a side of sautéed veggies (chickpeas, asparagus, potatoes, eggplant, onions...), this was a frigging bomb breakfast. Fresh, not too heavy, and so darn flavorful. Vincent served his breakfast with a glass of their homemade green juice (which coming from California is basically the equivalent of ordering a glass of water). The green juice was just sweet enough to know that it wasn't loaded with sugars yet hearty enough to know you are getting a fully packed nutritional beverage (without tasting like dirt - lol, you juice enthusiasts  know what I am talking about),  I felt nourished, energized and content. Needless to say, I will DEF be back to A Wanted Man (for a Wanted Breakfast, LOL).